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Where are John Lennon Guitars

This year a special anniversary series of Lennon Guitars have been produced for all the John Lennon guitar fans. Guitarists who loved the Beatles would love to own a John Lennon Guitar, or a Mini Guitar replica of one of his guitars. And probably anyone who lived through Beatlemania would love to own one of the Lennon Mini Guitars too. I know I would! So if you are wondering where are John Lennon guitars, you have found the right page.

For musicians looking for a guitar that has class and status, a Lennon Guitar will definitely hit the high note.(pun intended) There are John Lennon guitars in several price ranges, but all of these will become collectibles and increase in value, so if you have the desire and the means, I would go for it. When I originally wrote this page, there were several limited edition ones of which only 70 were made in the entire world! So most of them have been snatched up and are no longer available for sale except at the Gibson Guitar company itself. That’s why people are now asking where are John Lennon guitars? But there are still mid priced ones available here, and lots of the mini guitar collectibles that are replicas of the originals. I think you will still see them go up in value so if you are not sure, my advice is to get one. Enjoy!

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Image: John Lennon Mini Guitar, Available below from Amazon.

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Imagine by John Lennon Music Video
John Lennon Guitar Playing

Why a Page about John Lennon Guitars?

I loved the Beatles like almost everyone on earth at the zenith of their popularity. That’s a pretty bold statement, but there are not any musical groups around who have had the worldwide popularity the Beatles enjoyed. Many bands have come and gone, and many were popular for a time in this country or that country, but no band in history has made the impact on music the way the Beatles did. The Rolling Stones come close, but even though Mick and company are still rocking (and so is Paul McCartney!) they did not enjoy quite the worldwide love the Beatles did.

So when John Lennon was murdered, it was a worldwide sadness! I will never forget that day! Because I loved John and all the Beatles, I have a few pages about them, and wanted to showcase guitars made in John’s honor in what would have been his 70th birthday year. May his soul rest in peace wherever he is. I still miss him.

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35 Most Common Guitar Chords Print John Lennon acoustic Guitars
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John Lennon Acoustic Guitars
John Lennon Electric Guitars

Where are John Lennon Guitars?
John Lennon Epiphone Guitar

 Epiphone EJ-160E John Lennon Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Vintage Cherrywhere are john lennon guitars

This guitar is a copy of one of John’s guitars, perfect for a legend such as John Lennon.

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: A faithful reproduction of an iconic guitar, the Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E acoustic electric is just like John’s famous J160E. Its Mahogany body gives great balanced tone from its Advanced Jumbo acoustic design and features a Solid Sitka Spruce top that will improve with age and play. This guitar is electrified with a unique EJ-160E Mini-Humbucker that sounds amazing.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the BMI Foundation for the John Lennon Music Scholarship fund, which supports music education.

Vintage Cherry John Lennon Guitar
John Lennon Epiphone Guitar

 Epiphone EME4VSSNH1 J-45ME Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Sloped ShoulderWhere are John Lennon Guitars

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: Body: 5-ply maple/birch Top: 5-ply maple Neck: Set, mahogany Neck profile: Slim taper Scale: 24=3/4″Nut Width:1-11/16″ Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 22 medium-jumbo Fingerboard radius: 14″Inlays: Parallelogram Binding: Single-ply on body and neck (1965 – Vintage Sunburst) Vintage-style; 14:1 ratio Pickups: 2 Gibson USA Tribute P-90 single-coils (P-90T bridge and P-90R neck).

Our “Inspired by John Lennon” Casino’s cover both incarnations of one of John’s favorite guitars, the Vintage Sunburst (used on The Beatles final tour in 1966 and for the classic albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

As with all Epiphone Lennon guitars, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each goes to the BMI Foundation for the John Lennon Scholarship Fund which supports music education.

Stunning recreation based on Lennon’s original and with the Gibson USA P-90s, this guitar is just like Johns.

Epiphone 70th Anniversary John Lennon Casino Electric Guitar
John Lennon Epiphone Guitar

 Epiphone 70th Anniversary John Lennon CasinoWhere are John Lennon Guitars

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: How about some Beatle-style jangle in a premium instrument? That’s exactly what you get with the Epiphone 70th Anniversary Casino. The Elitist 70th Anniversary Casino is very similar to the guitars the Beatle’s rocked much of the time, and this one is brimming over with British Invasion-style vibe. Lean into it and and the Casino’s Alnico-powered USA-made P-90 pickups have a nice bark to them, but the trademark Beatle jangle is alive and well when you ease up. This beauty is a must-have for any guitar fan – especially Beatle fans – so get your 70th Anniversary Casino today! Rave reviews of this guitar’s sound quality and a John Lennon collectible!



Red Guitar Poster

 Intricate Golden Red Guitar Design on White Posterwhere are john lennon guitars

John Lennon Mini Guitars
John Lennon Guitar

 JOHN LENNON Miniature Mini Guitar Sonic Blue BeatlesWhere are John Lennon Guitars

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: Miniature Guitar of Legendary Guitarist, John Lennon, just like one he used in his White period. The miniature guitar is brand new replica 1:4 scale (9-10″ tall) Best Quality. no comparison to others, flawless, and made of wood. NON-playable, and for display/decoration only.
NOT a toy, It comes with a free stand.





John Lennon Mini Guitar
John Lennon Acoustic Guitars

 JOHN LENNON Miniature Mini Guitar Acoustic Peace BeatlesJohn Lennon acoustic Guitars

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: The wooden miniature guitar is brand new replica 1:4 scale (9-10″ tall) Best Quality. no comparison to others, flawless NON-playable, and for display/decoration only. This collectible item is a work of art, NOT a toy. It comes with a free guitar stand.





John Lennon Mini Guitar

 JOHN LENNON Miniature Mini Guitar 1964 BeatlesJohn Lennon acoustic Guitars

Another cool mini guitar collectible to remember John Lennon and a wonderful collectible for anyone who wants John Lennon gifts! Lots of people are into John Lennon memorabilia so you can’t go wrong with one of these for them! As with the other ones above, these are not toys but little works of art. Stand included. So if you wonder where are John Lennon guitars and you mean tiny collectible ones, these are the ones everyone is talking about.

Guitar Pop Art
Guitar Poster

GUITAR REFLECTIONS POSTER John Lennon acoustic Guitars
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