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Sir James Paul McCartney,
My Favorite Beatle

 Paul Mccartney 24X36 PosterTop Paul McCartney Songs

Paul McCartney was and is my favorite Beatle. Yes, he was the cute one, wasn’t he? But it’s always been more than that for me.

In a time when rock stars were running around the planet bashing holes in hotel walls and breaking their guitars while having orgies as often as possible, Paul McCartney put his wife Linda on keyboards and his kids on the bus so they could tour with him. He wrote majestic timeless odes to his wife. And he and his family lived out of the limelight on a farm in the country. (in a 2 bedroom house for 4 children, no less) Not your average rock star is he?

Paul is somewhat of a clown, and more lighthearted than the other Beatles, more likely to make fun of a silly idea than to preach about it. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have strong convictions. He has been a champion of animal rights for many years, and a spokesperson against land mines for over a decade.

He is also the most successful pop musician in history and has been knighted by Her Majesty, The Queen of England. That is why he is now formally titled, Sir James Paul McCartney.

I first got to see him when he toured with the Beatles in 1965. I was the youngest person to win a radio contest that promised a bus ride to Houston to see the Beatles. My parents had to sign a waiver and I rode over to Houston with a bunch of teenagers and sat in the bleachers with 10,000 other fans and could not hear the music for all the screaming. I actually did not get the whole Beatle thing for a few more years. Later I got to see him perform with Wings,on the “Wings over America” tour in the 1970’s. In 1989 I got to see him twice in Berkeley, and then in the 1990’s he conducted a symphony in Orange County, California so I went to see him again. It has always been a thrill to see him, as he is an amazing performer.

This pages lists some top Paul McCartney songs, and has videos you can watch and listen to. There are albums for sale, and some fun facts about this prolific musician and performer. Enjoy!

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“I don’t ever try to make
a serious social comment.”
~Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney and Wings
Top Paul McCartney Songs

I saw Wings up in Denver in the 70′s when he and Linda and the band toured as Wings over America. They were awesome! I think it was 1974 but those years are a big jumbled blur as I was in college.(and it was the 70′s, so you know what that means) I loved that rather than run around having multiple girlfriends like many rock stars, Paul settled down with one wife and took her on tour so they could be together. Their love was evident on stage. It turned out to be a long and happy marriage by all accounts.

Paul and Linda lived out in the country away from the crowds, raising sheep, and housing their 4 children in a 2 bedroom house. Not exactly the rock star persona is it? And look at those kids. Mary is a potter. Heather is a writer and artist. Stella is a world renowned designer. James is a musician. Good job Paul and Linda!

My Love
One of Paul McCartney’s Love Songs to Linda

On a list of Top Paul McCartney songs, this has to be one of the top love songs. In fact I think it’s one of the top love songs of all time.

Paul McCartney and the Lovely Linda
Paul McCartney Poster

 ROLLING STONE – Paul & Linda McCartney 1976 Matted Mini Poster – 19.3×15.9cmTop Paul McCartney Songs

Maybe I’m Amazed
One of the Top Paul McCartney Songs: A Love Song for the Ages

Another incredible song to Linda, obviously the love of his life. No list of the Top Paul McCartney songs would be complete without it. One of my favorite love songs ever!

McCartney (Archive Collection)
Vintage McCartney Album
Also Known as the Paul McCartney Cherries Album

 McCartney (Archive Collection)Top Paul McCartney Songs

Vintage McCartney Album: I have this one and it has some really wonderful sounds.
Excerpt from Amazon: Heralded as one of the most beloved solo debuts of all time, McCartney, the smash # 1 album, originally released April of 1970, yielded the timeless tracks “Every Night” and “Junk” along with the immortal classic “Maybe I’m Amazed.” McCartney II originally issued in May of 1980 was McCartney’s return to solo work after nine years touring and having released several massively successful albums with Wings. Reaching #1 in the UK, and #3 in the U.S., the album produced enduring classics such as “Coming Up,” “Waterfalls,” & “Temporary Secretary.”

Paul McCartney personally supervised all aspects of this reissue. The remastering work was done at Abbey Road using the same team who recently remastered the complete Beatles’ catalogue.

Silly Love Songs
Paul McCartney Answers John Lennon’s Taunt

During the time when Paul and John were not really being friendly, John supposedly made a little fun of the lightness of Paul’s lyrics. He himself was penning some rather philosophical and rather deep ones, as always. Apparently he referred to Paul’s songs as “those silly love songs.”

Paul’s musical responses is one of my favorites of his songs. What’s wrong with silly love songs?

Ram, by Paul McCartney
Top Paul McCartney Songs

 RAMTop Paul McCartney Songs paul mccartney song titles

Many people think Ram is a masterpiece. I do too. And some have said that this album represents the most Beatlesque of Paul’s solo albums. Maybe true. Totally love it!!! I used to play it over and over all day long while working.

Amazon says: Paul McCartney personally supervised all aspects of this reissue. The remastering work was done at Abbey Road using the same team who recently remastered the complete Beatles’ catalogue.

Paul McCarney on the Cover of the Rolling Stone
Paul McCartney Collectibles

 Paul Mccartney Rolling Stone Autographed Preprint Signed PhotoTop Paul McCartney Songs

“I used to think anyone
doing anything weird was weird.
Now I know that it is the people
that call others weird that are weird.”
~Paul McCartney

Top Paul McCartney Songs
Paul McCartney Concerts

In 1989 Paul and Linda again toured the United States, as simply Paul McCartney. I went to see them in Berkeley,California for 2 nights in a row on a marathon date that was magical from beginning to end. I landed in San Francisco and took the BART to Berkeley. The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) was really new and spotlessly clean, and there was a party atmosphere all the way to Berkeley on the subway. Everyone was on their way to see Paul. We sang Beatles’ songs the whole way. When I got there we walked around Berkeley and ate in little health food stores and eventually found the gates to the outdoor arena where Paul and the band were performing that night. Our tickets were on the 20th row, on the floor of the arena, just where you see the cannons go off when the opening strands of “Live and Let Die” start and simultaneously hear the booms. The cannons were really loud!

Paul and Linda outdid themselves that night. Incredible performance under the stars on a perfect summer night. I loved it so much I decided to go back the next night and see if I could buy tickets from a scalper at the gate. Sure enough, I was able to get tickets for a really low amount, something like $20 and we sat a little way up on the left side. This time when the cannons went off my ears didn’t pop from the sounds. It was another amazing performance.

During the day we walked around Berkeley and the campus of the University of California enjoying the sun and perfect weather and the very peaceful and happy crowds.

Let It Be, Performed by Paul McCartney
Top Paul McCartney Songs

Let It Be has gotten me through many a hard time. Lovely lyrics and music and some real wisdom there.

Paul McCartney Performing
Paul McCartney Poster


 Paul Mccartney The Beatles Guitar Print 24X36 Posterpaul mccartney song titles

“Buy, buy, says the sign
in the shop window;
Why, why, says the junk
in the yard.”
~Paul McCartney

All The Best
Top Paul McCartney Songs

 all the best! LPWhat is Paul McCartney Doing Now

All the Best McCartney Songs. One of Paul’s 80’s hit albums. I have it too.

This was supposed to be a collection of all Paul’s best songs. Many people think he left out some of his best ones, but it’s Paul McCartney, they are all good really, you know?




Here Today
Paul’s Ode to John Lennon

Paul has said that he was very upset about John’s death despite the way the media portrayed his reaction. This song is how he answered his critics and is his ode to John.

Good Evening New York City [2 CD + 1 DVD Combo]
Paul McCartney Takes New York City!
Paul McCartney New York City Concert

 Good Evening New York City: Deluxe Edition (2 CD & 2 DVD) by McCartney, Paul [2009]What is Paul McCartney Doing Now

Amazon says: Legendary Paul McCartney’s historic three-night christening of New York’s Citi Field in July 2009 has been unanimously hailed by critics and audiences alike as the concert experience of a lifetime. Now, with Good Evening New York City, it is documented for the ages. This is the ultimate McCartney Collection; from The Beatles to Wings to solo classics.

  Paul Turned Classical on Us When We Weren’t Looking!

In the 1990′s Sir Paul turned his talents to composing classical music and wrote a complete symphony called Standing Stone. (yes, I have it too)
He came to Orange County, California to conduct it at the Performing Arts Center. I got to see him down there waving his wand around at the musicians. Very different from the screaming crowds in the 60′s!

Yesterday by Paul McCartney
Top Paul McCartney Songs

Of course if we were really paying attention we would have noticed his classical leanings early on. Yesterday is simple but classic and his most successful song. It has been covered by over 2000 other artists. Paul became very wealthy from his song royalties.

Paul Is Now a Classical Ballet Composer
Courtesy of Paul McCartney’s Blog On MySpace,
Used with Permission

Marking his first foray into the word of dance, Paul has announced the general release of ‘Ocean’s Kingdom’, commissioned by the New York City Ballet. The recording will be released by Decca Records on October 3rd (UK) and Hear Music/Telarc on October 4th (US) and is conducted by John Wilson, produced by John Fraser and performed by The London Classical Orchestra.

‘Ocean’s Kingdom’ is the first time Paul has written an original orchestral score or any kind of music for dance and is the result of a collaboration between Paul and New York City Ballet’s Master in Chief Peter Martins, who have worked together to present the world premiere of a new ballet for the company’s 2011/2012 season this September.

Though the work is Paul’s first ballet, he approached the project in the same way he writes all other music, driven by his heart rather than his head and inspired by feeling rather than specific technical knowledge. While this may have been another new turn for his staggeringly varied career to take, Paul knew it had to be influenced by his own personal experience and that he needed to create a story the audience would find equally compelling and moving.

Paul’s first step was to visit the Royal Opera House to see Adolphe Adam’s ‘Giselle’, danced by the Royal Ballet. Afterwards, Paul met the dancers and discussed the work with them, realising as he did so that he was still without a central theme to his work. Keen to tell a story through his music, Paul decided to focus on the purity of the ocean and within just two months, the first draft had been completed. He then went through the music again thinking specifically of the ballet itself, thereby creating a world featuring distinctive characters and a vibrant underworld kingdom. Finally Paul spent many more weeks working alongside Peter Martins to refine the work, before Peter created the choreography with the NYCB dancers.

An hour long score featuring four stunning movements – Ocean’s Kingdom, Hall of Dance, Imprisonment and Moonrise – the ballet tells of a love story within the story of an underwater world whose people are threatened by the humans of Earth. A potently expressive and richly varied work, the score is Paul’s most challenging and emotionally complex yet. As he explains: “What was interesting was writing music that meant something expressively rather than just writing a song. Trying to write something that expressed an emotion – so you have fear, love, anger, sadness to play with and I found that exciting and challenging.”

The premiere of the ballet ‘Ocean’s Kingdom’ will take place at NYCB’s Fall Gala on Thursday 22nd September 2011 while the release of the orchestral score will follow a month later, available digitally, on CD and on vinyl. It was recorded in June in London.

The artwork that accompanies the release is equally striking and inventive. Though it seems to suggest a city skyline, it is actually a digital readout of the notes from the ballet score.

Although this is his first orchestral score for dance, Paul is already quite at home in the world of classical music. His back catalogue already carries four classical albums, the most recent of which was the Classical BRIT Award winning ‘Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart)’; a work for chorus and orchestra in four movements that was released in 2006.

Paul McCartney T-Shirts!
What is Paul McCartney Doing Now? (Still Performing!)

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More Paul McCartney Information
What is Paul McCartney Doing Now?

Paul got another chance at love when he married his long time girl friend, Nancy Shevell on October 9, 2011. He’s already written her many love songs. I really hope he gets to have another relationship that works, like his and Linda’s did.

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Paul McCartney on Facebook
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The Beatles on the Cover of Life Magazine
Paul McCartney Collectibles

 Original Life Magazine from August 28, 1964 – The Beatlespaul mccartney song list


Paul McCartney Song List
Paul McCartney Song Titles

I was going to list Sir Paul’s songs here, but there are 384 of them listed on Wikipedia here and he probably has a lot more that were recorded by others. For example, as a trivia fact, he wrote the song “Woman,” recorded by Peter and Gordon in 1966, but was credited under the name “Bernard Webb” instead of his own name. So rather than copy Wikipedia’s list, I decided to list my personal list of Top Paul McCartney Songs. It’s my personal list of favorites so you might not agree and lots of people have their own list, but this is mine.

Top Paul McCartney Songs, in no particular order. (I was going to do top 10 Paul McCartney songs but  had to put 15, as I couldn’t make the list any smaller. I could easily add at least 10 more!) :

My Love
Maybe I’m Amazed
Silly Love Songs
Let It Be
I Saw Her Standing There
We Can Work It Out
Drive My Car
The Long and Winding Road
Put It There
Pipes of Peace
We Got Married
Things We Said Today

“And in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make.”
~Paul McCartney

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