Photo Credits

Photo and Image Credits

We’re so grateful to the photo sharing sites and talented photographers from all over the world who’ve made it possible for us to share their string instrument and music images. Our photo credits link to the original source, as well as applicable licences.

Many of the photographs were cropped to fit our templates, but no other alterations have been made. We’ve left feedback for these photographers (thumbs up, stars, follows, likes, comments) and encourage you to do the same.

String Kings Music Home

Home Page

King playing harp photograph by Hans.

Double basses on stage photograph by RoAll.

Guitar photograph by WerbeFabrik.

Yellow rose on piano keyboard photograph by MartyNZ.

Ukulele trio photograph by stgilesmusic.

Violin photograph by StockSnap.

String Kings Music Lute Category

String Instruments: Lutes

Violin photograph by channaproductions.

Banjo photograph by Skitterphoto.

Violin and bow photograph by Pexels.

Statue of child playing lute photograph by Joshua_Willson.

String Kings Music Harp Category

String Instruments: Harps

Harp Strings photograph by paulagarance0.

Harp with flowers photograph by Godsgirl_madi.

Cherub ornament with harp over field of clover photograph by PublicDomainPictures.

Hands playing Celtic harp photograph by miogioco2011.

String Kings Music Zither Category

String Instruments: Zithers

Piano keys and sheet music photograph by Kaz.

Harpsichord photograph by jackmac34.

Zither photograph by adonyig.

Lap steel guitar photograph by ferobanjo.

String Kings Music Gifts

String Kings Music

Garden harp photograph by falco.

Autoharp strings photograph by Mizree.

Violin scroll and pegs photograph by HeungSoon.

Violin and bow photograph by Casegrfx.

String Kings Music Instruments

String Instruments

Electric guitars photograph by Pexels.

Guitars and amplifier photograph by WolfBlur.

String Kings Music Instruments

String Instruments List

Banjo player photograph by RyanMcGuire.

Woman playing violin photograph by aks9215.

Guitar player and graffiti wall photograph by Pexals.

Cuban man playing guitar photograph by GregMontani.

Violins on wall photograph by 5477687.

Musician playing bandura photograph by PublicDomainPictures.

String Instrument Gifts

String Instrument Gifts

Apple watch photograph by ciupa.

iPod photograph by mikefoster.

String Kings Music Gifts

String Instrument Gifts and Accessories

Colorful gift boxes photograph by Viscious-Speed.

iPod over sheet music photograph by slightly_different.

Colorful CD photograph by PixelAnarchy.

iTunes and Amazon gift cards photograph by KRiemer.

Metronome photograph by Pictureman2014.

Headphones photograph by kinkate.

String Kings Music Musicians

Favorite Musicians

Microphone photograph by Modman.

Rock concert photograph by PublicDomainPictures.

String Kings Music Musicians

Musicians Who Play Stringed Instruments

Jimi Hendrix montage photograph by nelag0.

Beatles statues photograph by ringo_charlie.

Mozart handwritten music photograph by WikimediaImages.

Elvis Presley portrait photograph by heblo.

Nashville, Tennessee wall mural photograph by paulbr75.

Mozart monument in Vienna, Austria photograph by lapping.

String Kings Music Category

Music Favorites

Rock concert photograph by Free-Photos.

Deejay photograph by Pexels.

String Kings Music Songs

Our Favorite Songs

Monkees photograph by skeeze.

John Lennon Imagine Central Park photograph by johnny_schaffer.

Volkswagen in the snow photograph by Sangeeth88.

Don Knotts and Andy Griffith photograph by skeeze.

Leonard Nimoy wall mural photograph by Chraecker.

True Love hearts graphic by Alexas_Fotos.

String Kings Music Friends

Music Friends

Double Bass and sheet music photograph by PactoVisual.

Shop front photograph by Los Angeles Bass Works.

String Kings Music Shop Here

Shop Here

Neon sign photograph by bykst.

Guitars photograph by meisjedevos.

String Kings Music Shop HereTools for String Instrument Players

Guitar shop neon sign photograph by StockSnap.

Classical guitar photograph by FirmBee.

Spanish guitar photograph by thomasgitarre.

Blue guitar photograph by varunkul01.

Guitar strings photograph by ignatsevichserg.

Hummingbird guitar photograph by USA-Reiseblogger.

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Stringed Instruments ListMusic Inspires Me Poster

Lou Rawls
Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

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