Mechanical Metronome

If you play the piano or the violin, you might want a metronome to keep time. Well you might for guitar or other instruments too, but for handheld instruments you can get clip on ones. Still you might prefer a free standing one and if so a mechanical metronome is a great tool for practicing your masterpieces!

Best Gift for a Musician

Metronomes have to be one of the best gifts you can get for any musician!

The one below is imported by a friend of ours and we think it’s perfect! It’s plastic but it looks like wood and the mechanical parts are all metal so it should last a lifetime! Bonus: no batteries required!

Classy Mechanical Metronome


 Metronome, for all Musical Instruments from Music Magic Offer dependable time keeping for Piano Violin Guitar tempo and beat counter for precise rhythm with visual pendulum durable plastic housing with all metal parts Enhance Your Practice Time Now!


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mechanical metronomemechanical metronomemechanical metronome