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Upright Bass Facts

Upright Bass Facts

The upright bass, or double bass, is the largest and lowest-pitched string instrument. It can be played played with a bow (arco) or by plucking the strings (pizzicato). Classical music calls for the natural sound produced acoustically by the instrument. In other genres such as jazz and blues, the bass sound is usually amplified. Bass amplifiers have equalization controls that allow a player to boost low frequencies. Amplification gives a bassist more control over the tone of the instrument.

Among classical performers the instrument is called a contrabass, from its Italian name contrabbasso. Other common names are string bass, to distinguish it from a brass bass instrument, or simply bass. In jazz and other non-classical music genres, the instrument is called an upright bass or acoustic bass to differentiate it from the electric bass guitar. In folk and bluegrass music, it’s referred to by many names, including bass fiddle, bass violin, doghouse bass, and bull fiddle.

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Fun Fact
A person who performs on this string instrument is called a bassist.

Notable jazz double bassists from the 1940s and 1950s include Jimmy Blanton, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Paul Chambers, George Duvivier, Milt Hinton, Charlie Parker, Oscar Pettiford, and Wilbur Ware. Influential bassists in the post 1960s era include Stanley Clarke, Charlie Haden, Charles Mingus, and Jaco Pastorius.

Elvis Presley

Featuring Bill Black on Upright Bass

Upright Bass FactsElvis Presley with Bill Black on Double Bass

Listen to the Double Bass

“Heartbreak Hotel” Performed by Paul McCartney

In a brief clip from Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road, legendary musician Paul McCartney introduces an upright bass with ties to another music legend, Elvis Presley. The instrument was played by rock and roll pioneer Bill Black. He was the bassist in Elvis Presley’s early trio that also included guitarist Scotty Moore.

Paul McCartney

Limited Edition Poster Portrait

Paul McCartney - Do It in the Road (Rare)Paul McCartney – Do It in the Road (Rare)

A Legendary Upright Bass

The Blue Moon Boys: The Story of Elvis Presley’s Band

by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin, Foreword by Brian Setzer

Upright Bass FactsThe Blue Moon Boys: The Story of Elvis Presley’s Band

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Upright Bass Facts

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Upright Bass FactsUpright Bass FactsUpright Bass Facts

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