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Nicole Falzone Music

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Nicole Falzone Music

Nicole Falzone is a multi-talented performer, highly in demand for her incredible drum playing. As a gifted vocalist and songwriter, she has collaborated with such artists as Bette Midler, KD Lang, Frank Zappa, Thomas Dolby, George Benson, Katey Sagal, Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, and Tommy Malone from the Subdudes.

In 2002 Nicole performed at the New Orleans Jazz Festival where she played along with the Dave Matthews Band and Paul Simon. That year she and her band, along with Robert Cray, opened for Ray Charles at the Austin Blues Festival.

Year of the Woman
Nicole Falzone performed at the 1993 Academy Awards, when the theme was “The Year of the Woman.” She was one of the lead singers and drummers in a 26-piece all-female band.

Matters of the Heart Album

Tracklist: Homeless Heart, I Walk Alone, Every Night, Walking Tall, I Don’t Want to Love You, Man Against Man, Miss You More, Show Me, Right By Your Side, How Do You Live?, Someone to Love, Parents Teach, Niki’s Playhouse (Hidden Track)

Matters of the Heart by Nicole FalzoneMatters of the Heart by Nicole Falzone

Incendio: Misterioso

Levitt Pavilion (Pasadena)
Incendio Band: Jim Stubblefield (Guitar), JP Durand (Guitar, Guitar Synth), Liza Carbe (Bass, Guitar), Bryan Brock (Percussion), Nicole Falzone (Drums)

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Digital Music Albums by Incendio

Misterioso by IncendioMisterioso by IncendioIntimo by IncendioIntimo by Incendio

Illumination by IncendioIllumination by IncendioCarbe DurandCarbe Durand

Nicole Falzone Etch A Sketch Designs

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Nicole is a world-famous Etch A Sketch artist!

Los Angeles Times
Nicole Falzone’s celebrity portraits are created with nothing more than two white knobs and the magic ink of an Etch A Sketch. ‘I love the challenge of drawing within the limitations of two dials and one line,’ the artist explained. She has produced hundreds of celebrity characterizations, from Cary Grant to Jim Carrey to Cher.

Nicole Falzone Music + Art

Over the years, Nicole has appeared on dozens of programs, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at which time she unveiled a sketch of the famous host. She’s also created amazing likenesses of Andy Warhol, George Harrison, Woody Allen, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and many others.

Nicole Falzone Music

Einstein Etch A Sketch Design

The Einstein sketch shown here is one of the artist’s personal favorites and sold for $5,000!

USA Today Interview
When I was a little kid, 4 or 5, my parents gave me an Etch A Sketch for Christmas. When I was a teenager, I did celebrities, like Cary Grant, James Cagney, Stevie Wonder, Cher, Jay Leno. I was considered gifted as a kid. I was born with it. How long does it take? It varies. I was recently on Donny & Marie. I did their portraits on TV. I started before the show and finished in less than an hour. It can be done that fast.

You Loved Me Like the Trashman

Lindsay Tomasic & Nicole Falzone
Live at KCBX FM in San Luis Obisbo (March 4, 2008)
“Picking Up The Tempo” with Lil’ Robbie Kimball

A Slice of Life (Lindsay Tomasic)

Tracklist: What Would Buddha Do, Save Your Fork, There’s Pie, You Loved Me Like the Trashman, Goin’ to Paris, My Sweet Guitar, Carousel, It Ain’t Easy Being Blue, At the End of the Line, Beacon Hill, Music to My Ears, That Old Dog

A Slice of Life by Lindsay TomasicA Slice of Life by Lindsay Tomasic

A Night of Jennifer Robin Music

South Pasadena Music Center & Conservatory (July 24, 2009)
Michael Campagna (Guitar), Jennifer Robin (Guitar and Vocals), Nicole Falzone (Percussion), Warren Giancaterino (Bass)

Nicole Falzone Music

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Nicole Falzone Music

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Nicole Falzone MusicNicole Falzone MusicNicole Falzone Music