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Jennifer Robin Art

Jennifer Robin Art

Singer and songwriter Jennifer Robin was proud of the online “corner store” she set up on CafePress.

Because she was so well known for her music, many fans were unaware of Jennifer’s artistic side.

Indeed, she had a playful nature and loved to share her music as well as her art. This talent blend was evident on her last two music CD albums, for which she designed the cover art.

Jennifer enjoyed her day job at The Canvas Peddlar, a museum quality picture framing shop in North Hollywood. Over the years we received several of her original acrylic and watercolor pieces as gifts, treasured now more than ever.

King Kong and Keebler Elves

Artistic talent runs in the family. Jennifer’s grandfather Mario Larrinaga was one of early Hollywood’s most successful scenic artists. During a career that began in the 1930s, he created original set designs and backgrounds for three major movie studios: Universal, RKO, and Warner Bros.

Directors like Cecil B. De Mille, Douglas Fairbanks, and Orson Welles came to rely on Mario Larrinaga’s abilities as a scenic painter and art director. In 1933 he teamed with fellow artist Byron L. Crabbe to create realistic matte paintings for the classic film King Kong.

Though initially trained as a painter by his older brother Juan (also a successful Hollywood artist), Mario Larrinaga studied at the Chouinard Art Institute from 1934 to 1935.

Mario Larrinaga
God has given me a talent which has made it possible for me to enjoy a wonderful life, to provide for my family, and to live among the beauties of my adopted country.

Charles McElmurry

Jennifer’s father, Charles O. McElmurry grew up in Los Angeles and began his animation career at Walt Disney in the early 1940s. After his military service with the Marine Corps he attended the Chouinard Art Institute on the GI Bill.

In the decades to follow, Charles McElmurry worked as a character designer for several studios including Quartet Films, Jay Ward Productions, Cartoon Farm, John Hubley’s Storyboard Productions, and John Sutherland Productions.

While working for one of the busiest and most acclaimed animation production companies, Bill Melendez Productions, he was contracted as a graphic designer for A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969).

In addition to growing up surrounded by images of the lovable Peanuts characters, Jennifer enjoyed happy memories of her father working on drawings of the Keebler Elves and Snap, Crackle, and Pop of Kellogg’s cereal fame.

Jill McElmurry
[My father] set high standards for himself in all that he did. He loved art, design, and architecture and built homes in Los Angeles and Taos, New Mexico.

Jill McElmurry

Which brings us to Jill …
We were heartbroken to learn that Jennifer’s beloved sister Jill passed away this week (August 3, 2017).

Mad About PlaidMad About PlaidAuthor & Illustrator Jill McElmurryAuthor & Illustrator Jill McElmurry

Jill McElmurry’s first book Mad About Plaid was published in 2000. Since then she authored and/or illustrated 21 books for children, including Little Blue Truck, The Hound from the Pound, The Tree Lady, and Who Stole Mona Lisa?

Jennifer Robin’s Corner Store

Jennifer Robin Art

Jennifer Robin Art Gallery

Here’s an easy way to enjoy Jennifer Robin art. Some of her favorite designs were used to create these products, including shirts, mugs, tote bags, aprons, greeting cards, posters, pet items, and more. Click on any item to see all of the available styles and options.

Jennifer Robin ArtGuitar Men’s Cotton Basic Dark T-ShirtJennifer Robin ArtGuitar Men’s Cotton Fitted White T-ShirtJennifer Robin ArtGuitar Women’s Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

Jennifer Robin ArtGuitar Women’s Basic Dark T-ShirtJennifer Robin ArtGuitar Cotton Canvas Tote BagJennifer Robin ArtGuitar Standard Ceramic Coffee Mug

Jennifer Robin ArtHeart Power Forever Large Ceramic Coffee MugJennifer Robin ArtHeart Power Forever Junior Spaghetti Tank TopJennifer Robin ArtHeart Power Forever 100% Heavy Cotton Twill Apron

Jennifer Robin ArtHeart Power Forever Toddler Basic T-ShirtJennifer Robin ArtHeart Power Forever Infant Baby BodysuitJennifer Robin ArtHeart Power Forever Cotton Jersey Baby Bib

Jennifer Robin ArtRed and Yellow Bus Girl’s Ring-Spun Cotton T-ShirtJennifer Robin ArtRed and Yellow Bus Kids Baseball JerseyJennifer Robin ArtRed and Yellow Bus Kid’s Crew-Neck Dark T-Shirt

Jennifer Robin ArtPlayful Pup with Birthday Cake Greeting CardJennifer Robin ArtSending Love Blooming Hearts Greeting CardJennifer Robin ArtChocolate Bar Lovers Greeting Card

Jennifer Robin ArtChocolate Bar Refrigerator MagnetJennifer Robin ArtWoman Playing Guitar Framed PrintJennifer Robin ArtThe Sky’s the Limit Round Button

Jennifer Robin Music

Descanso Gardens Summer Jazz Series (2008) Featuring Michael Campagna on Guitar, Nicole Falzone on Percussion, Jennifer Robin on Guitar, Warren Giancaterino on Bass

Jennifer Robin Art

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Jennifer Robin Art

Treble Clef + Bass Clef Musical Hearts

Treble clef and bass clef symbols are combined to form a musical heart over bold grunge brush strokes. Shirts are available in many colors and sizes for men, women, and youth.

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Jennifer Robin ArtJennifer Robin ArtJennifer Robin Art