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What is a Stringed Instrument?

A stringed instrument is any instrument that used movement of the strings to make music. Thus a piano, even though it has keys, is actually a stringed instrument, as it relies on strings inside of it and the striking of them to make the actual sound.

Egyptian Playing Arched Harp

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Blind Performer Playing Arched Harp

String Instrument Construction

String instruments can be divided into three basic groups: lutes, harps, and zithers.

Lutes – This category includes instruments that support the strings along a neck, which can be fretted or unfretted. Examples include banjo, bass guitar, bouzouki, cello, guitar, lute, mandolin, oud, sarod, sitar, Strumstick, tambura, ukulele, upright bass, veena, viola, and violin. Lutes are the among the oldest plucked musical instruments, and have been found in 4,000 year old archeological remains.

Harps – This category includes instruments that contain the strings within a frame. The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. In fact, harps are depicted in Egyptian tomb wall paintings that date from early 3,000 B.C.

Zithers – This category includes instruments with strings that are mounted on a body. Examples include autoharp, dulcimer, guzheng, harpsichord, pedal steel guitar, piano, psaltery, santoor, and zither. The earliest known zither-type instrument was discovered in a tomb that dated from 433 B.C.

You can learn more about any of these instruments here! Visit our String Instruments page and choose any instrument from the list. For the sake of simplicity, we’re highlighting 27 of the most popular stringed instruments. We’ll cover some of the more obscure string instruments in our posts. For example, a guitarist friend of ours is learning to play the pipa, a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument in the lute family. We’re learning new things every day and can’t wait to share!

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